The Utilities of Horizon Dollar Token(HZD)

Horizon Dollar ( HZD ) is a Blockchain project that is focused on increasing worth of charity by integrating it to Blockchain with the most transparent activities, it has also focused on bringing forth freelancing to the Blockchain by processing all payment modes using the Blockchain technology.

Horizon Dollar Token is a cryptocurrency created on the Binance smartchain. The Horizon Dollar ( HZD ) is created to increase worth across different sectors of life activities. The current financial
transformation is offering a lot in stabilizing the activities of the financial world.
Many communities across the world, most especially the community of young individuals have embraced the financial
revolution and invested in cryptocurrency with high return in value.
The Horizon Dollar Project has also outline to bring investment opportunities using cryptocurrencies and other fiat currencies, this will give chance and play a huge role in removing the burden of individuals by alleviating poverty and paving the way to financialfreedom.
HZD project has aimed in bringing solutions to educational obstacles by introducing the charity activities easier in order to help those in the less priviledged societies.

The Utilities(use cases)


HZDeal is the most important part of the HZD project ecosystem, this is the Creative Market where one can buy or sell goods using the HZD and hence called ( HZD Market place).
There would be integrated HZD API where merchants will integrate to interact in the ecosystem. There will also be HZD branded products of different daily activities, users can spend their HZD in shopping their favorite items at the most discounted rates in the market place.
The HZD users will be able to carry out transactions in shops with their HZD virtual Card.


This is also an important part of the HZD ecosystem, people can be able to invest using HZD Token and other accepted crypto and fiat currencies.
The first investment sector of HZD is Future of Agriculture, this is where one can invest in agriculture without going to the farm ( this will give one chance to earn passively by investing your money /crypto, we work for you to earn.


Freelance job is the one where persons works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take works on contracts for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed.
Freelancing job is getting difficult due to high cost, HZD has aimed to bring solution by bringing down the cost and making it possible for freelancers to accept HZD as a means of payment.
There is going to be integration of freelancing platform on the HZD , where freelancers will render their services.


HZD Charity is also an important arm in the HZD ecosystem.
It is very important to offer something good to the community. Many communities needs help but they have no one cater for their needs ( basic and social). So the HZD Charity is aiming to share love by helping the societies with their needs in the aspect of health and social life. All charity activities will be transparent and anyone can donate.


This is the trading platform where HZD can be traded or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or some fiat currencies. All cryptocurrencies are tradable on various exchanges, the HZDTraders is not an exception. Here one can buy, sell , trade or swap HZD with other cryptocurrencies instantly or on order.

HZD Contract

HZD Contract is an API integration of smart contracts, where one can call a self executable smart contracts and sign for a sealed and most secured deal to ensure maximum Node Security for business activities globally.


Workers of the HZD Foundation will be paid using the HZD token and can immediately, sell or swap the HZD into other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.Workers can also invest their earned HZD for timely return of profit from the investment.


In the future people can be able to buy hash powers using BNB, TRON , USDT and BTC to mine the HZD token. This will help in increasing the value of HZD relative to increase in its number of holders, 1 billion coins will be available for mining.


HZD EduHelp will provide materials needed for education at all level at a very discounted rate for the students and purchase can be made using the HZD token.



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Horizon Dollar

Horizon Dollar

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